We often hear it said that the best gifts are experiences and not things. But when giving lingerie to your lover, you get the best of both.

Lingerie is a go-to gift idea. However, it can get confusing when choosing the size and styles that suit your woman’s body.

But there’s no need to worry because we’ve rounded up the best tips and expert information to help you choose the best lingerie for both you and your lover.

Nailing these tips will undoubtedly lead to a situation that’ll benefit both you and your lover.

What to look for

Strike a balance

When buying lingerie, remember to give your lover what she wants. You have to give her something that will make her look sexy without sacrificing her comfort.

Make sure to visit her dresser to check on her size. You can find bra tags near their clasp, while panties are sized like clothes. If you’re still unsure about her size, choose something stretchy.

Lingerie types

Women never sacrifice comfort when it comes to their undergarments. They feel less sexy when they’re uncomfortable.

Some girls hate wearing underwire bras, while some feel more comfortable with them. The key is for you to buy something that she already uses. If she wears an underwire bra, buy that.

Not all panty styles look good on women. Your safest bet is a sexy baby doll style. Take note of what she loves about her body, and buy something that can accentuate that feature.

A bathrobe is also a good option as it fits all body size and is available in varying colors, designs, and fabrics. They’re handy, too. They can wear it over their nightwear, or nothing, and slip it off in front of you.


Stick to quality over quantity. If you’re short on budget, then get her one or two quality items. It’s actually not recommended to buy a piece so expensive as it might inhibit your actions for fear of ripping a costly item into pieces.

What to Avoid

Body insecurities significantly affect a woman. If your lover does not wear padded bras, do not buy her one as it may suggest that you wish she had bigger breasts.

Keep your purchases classy and never buy cheap lingerie. If your lover isn’t used to wearing lingerie yet, avoid giving her pieces that are difficult to wear and take off.

A romantic act

Like all humans, women want to feel desired. So despite the initial negative perceptions, there is no reason not to gift your lover with lingerie.