At 32, Jessica Pels became the editor of the millennial-oriented Cosmopolitan Magazine. But before she soared up to become one of the executives for one of the world’s most sought magazines, Pels worked for other popular magazines. She became Cosmopolitan’s breakthrough star when she was able to surpass their website, digital media, social networking sites, and e-commerce.

How Jessica Pels started

Pels is one of the breakthrough women in the industry that chose to defy the traditions of the company. For starters, she became editor-in-chief at least a decade younger than her mains. However, she has the most knowledge in handling digital media than all of them.

Raised in East Cobb, Georgia, Pels finished her studies in film and video production at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She became an intern at The New Yorker and Vogue when she was still a university student. After finishing her degree in the year 2008, she worked for Conde Nast’s companies, namely Glamour, and Teen Vogue.

Making use of digital media in the magazine industry

After her stint at Conde Nast, she started working for Cosmopolitan’s parent company, Hearst. She started handling Marie Claire’s website. She just started with a team of two and eventually grew into eleven, just before she moved to Cosmo. She handled several digital platforms for almost a year. After which, she was given the opportunity to manage everything. From the physical printed magazine itself, their web presence, all of their social media channels, video, and advertorials, Jessica Pels has it all.

Past editors-in-chief of the highly-regarded magazine need a pen, a notebook, and a lot of ideas to work on. But now, Pels only needs a personal computer, a note book, and a pair of earphones. Her hands also don’t leave her phone as she continues to scroll on her endless Instagram feed for more bright ideas.