A U.S.-based plastic surgeon recently released his statement against thread lift.

According to Julius Few, MD, thread lift or suspending the skin’s loose portion will not yield a positive result. In fact, the said procedure is very dangerous because the face is composed of susceptible and tiny ligaments.

Dr. Few said that the most effective method of revitalizing the skin’s aura is the Silhouette InstaLif.

It is a new generation skin lifting device with l-lactide deposits.

He further informed that using the Silhouette is safe since it just absorbs the face suture to make it look younger.

According to Dr. Few, he already conducted more than a thousand of silhouette skin treatments and got no negative feedback.

He also pointed out that the body is capable of absorbing the silhouette after 12 months, so there’s no risk at all.

The plastic surgeon believes that the overwhelming popularity of thread lift was a result of public hype. There was no concrete study that will prove the efficiency of this procedure.

He explained that 30-40 years old patients still have very good skin anatomy. For some, there could be issues on the central portion of the face, including weary eyelids, irregular looks of the jawline, and older cheeks. However, the doctor said that silhouette treatment could fix these issues in no time.

Meanwhile, Dr. Few admitted that for people in their 50s-60s, the effectiveness of silhouette is a matter of hit-or-miss.

He said that people in this age group already have poor dermal tissues that are incapable of reacting to skin-revitalizing chemicals. However, once carried out perfectly, a 60 years old person will look 10 years younger after the silhouette procedure.

Indeed, the science of revitalizing the skin has a long way to go. But Dr. Few said that people must lean on tried-and-tested procedures. He ended that there’s no other safe way of making the skin look younger other than the silhouette treatment.