Following the denouement of the popular and high-rating HBO series “Game of Thrones”, young actress Maisie Williams decided to move on from the project by sporting a new look. And just like moving on from a strong relationship that lasted for a long time, the “Then Came You” star decided to bring a change to her hairstyle by means of a major transformation.

Goodbye, Arya Stark

Shortly after the final episode of Game of Thrones which aired on HBO the night of May 19, Williams posted a photo of her flaunting her new look to all of her 11 million Instagram followers. She decided to defy her co-actors’ posts that time that centers on their personal tributes to the award-winning TV series.

The Game of Throne’s star has surely drifted away from the usual Arya Stark look we have been very familiar with for the whole eight-year run of the show. From a brunette hair, Williams now has a bleached blond hair cut mid-length with dense, long bangs that totally covers her forehead.

Experimenting hairstyles

You’ll surely agree that Maisie William’s present look is very opposite than the Arya Stark we have known for years. But Maisie Williams has long been experimenting with different hairstyles, particularly her hair’s color. She has already tried a whole palette of pastel shades and even tried both ultraviolet and bubblegum pink colors that would be perfect for her very edgy fashion.

In fact, William’s has made a lot of experiments with her hair’s color during her stint as Skye, a sick and dying girl in the movie “Then Came You.” Playing alongside Asa Butterfield and Nina Dobrev, Williams donned a lot of hair colors in the movie like white, blue, and of course, pink.