The city of Chicago has typical continental weather. Scorching hot and humid in summer, and brutally cold in winter. Nevertheless, a lot of people find delight in the extremities of the city’s weather, especially during the Pitchfork Festival. The event occurs in the final weeks of July in Union Park, Near West Side.

Residents leave the comfort of their homes, not minding the temperature. They lounge on the park clad in Jordans and tie-dye tees from Stussy while gulping their Gatorades. Couples who are sporting their DIY crystal jewelry chill out between tall trees, while teens slam-dance to the music of Rico Nasty. On one side of the stage, girls dressed in matching neon dresses chatter. There are poets, DIY punks, and people of all ages, appearing in the festival in their styles. 

The Pitchfork Music Festival is a distinct one. For one, most of the acts are from local performers including gospel singer Mavis Staples, artist Tasha, and the band Grapetooth. These performances are the main thing that festival-goers are looking forward to, as they did for the past 14 years. 

It doesn’t come as a surprise then that festival-goers dress up as eclectic as the festival vibe. It was a streetwear show that was a feast for the eyes. Take a look at the best looks that Adam Jason Cohen was able to photograph.

Jason Maxada                                 

Jason is from Chicago and has lived in other cities like New York and Los Angeles. He works for a non-profit as a program director and at BMG Models.  He is wearing a thrifted see-through lace bodysuit, nipple tapes, a cheetah-printed skirt she made, and Dr. Martens.


CJ moved from the north suburbs to the city a little over a year ago. She works for Uber corporate and is a freelance model on the side. Her outfit was thrifted and DIYed, from her makeshift jeans to her jewelry.


Jose is a multi-instrumentalist who also does engineering. His whole outfit is thrifted. 

Aniz Ortiz and Jupiter Dandridge

Aniz is a college freshman at Morton College who studies business and marketing, and a big fan of Rico Nasty. She is wearing a necklace from Dior, corset and low-rise indigo blue jeans from Urban Outfitters.

Jupiter is also a college freshman who studies writing at Columbia. He is wearing a dragon-print button-down and denim shorts, and Doc Martens.

Melo Makes Music

Melo is a multi-genre songwriter and composer. He is wearing a checkered bell bottom from a vintage shop called Pilsen Vintage, white blouse, Air Force Ones, and Gucci accessories.

Moon B and Alex Kritikos

Moon is a Korean visual artist who lives on the East Coast. He is wearing an apron and Victorian bloomers.

Alex works for the advertising industry. He is wearing a tee, jeans, and Clarks Wallabees owned by his father.

Jhadin and Kiarra

Jhadin studies business at Northwestern. Her two-piece neon pink silk is from Fashion Nova.

Kiarra is wearing another Fashion Nova piece. She is taking up nursing at Georgia’s Emory University.

Dani Jean-Baptiste

Dani is an acting student at Emerson College, Boston. She has on a bra from Discount Universe and sneakers from Village Discount.

Molly Ryan

Molly is a musician who also runs Sorry Penelope, a clothing brand that resells vintage brand. She is wearing mostly thrifted stuff, her Dr. Martens, and Dolls Kill sunglasses.

Stephanie Goodwin

Stephanie is a graphic designer. She has on Thai boxing shorts, a sports bra, and a pair of Harley Davidson shoes.


Sara is from Wisconsin. She is wearing a Babes and Felines top, thrifted pants, and Jordan high-tops.


Blake just started culinary school. His interest is in Italian food.

Chris Wilson

Toronto-based Chris works at Drake Hotel as music and culture head. He is wearing a Stussy tee, Levi’s denim shorts, and Converse shoes.

Klevah and Jeff Koonz

Klevah has on accessories from the jeweler Fresh Ass Monk and hat from a thrift store where she shops often.